Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery Costs, Price

The pricing and cost of gastric bypass surgery (RNY gastric bypass, or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass), is a complicated question because it depends on multiple factors. For most, the main factor on why rny gastric bypass cost is so different is because of the geographical location. Undergoing gastric bypass in Mexico will typically be 1/3 the price of U.S. surgeons.

The reason that geographic differences make huge differences in the cost, is because of the inherent cost the surgeon would make compared to other bariatric surgeons in that area. New York and San Francisco are two cities with the highest cost of living and therefore charge bypass patients a significant amount to undergo the surgery. Conversely, locations in Kansas or rural Texas wouldn’t charge as much.

Other aspects that affect pricing include the cost of the hospital, the supplies and the number of tests that needs to be done. Some hospitals will charge more to use their facilities than other hospitals.

Overall, the average price of the rny gastric bypass will typically run between $20,000 to $30,000. If your insurance doesn’t cover the procedure or you lack insurance, there are patient financing companies your surgeon can direct you to undergo the procedure.

Savings with the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Many patients who are contemplating undergoing gastric bypass, will end up saving money and many breaks even with four years.  Many patients are paying up to $3,000 per year for prescriptions, prescriptions that can be reduced or even ended with gastric bypass. The study by the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) found that patients will pay $900 less per month 13 months after gastric bypass.

Many individuals seeking weight loss surgery choose to do so outside of the United States. Gastric bypass surgery or any other weight loss surgery in Mexico can be quite cost-effective for Americans. It oftentimes allows patients to package their expenses into one cost, which works great for those who are paying out of pocket for their procedure. These packages may include airfare, hotel stays to recover after surgery, surgery and anesthesia, operating room costs, transportation, any surgical materials, all evaluations prior to surgery and follow up care appointments.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Why is Weight Loss Surgery Cheaper in Mexico?

Many people wonder why surgeries in Mexico, including weight loss ones, are cheaper in Mexico. This is mostly because the cost of medical care in America is greatly increased because of the high rate of medical malpractice lawsuits and the high cost of malpractice insurance. Because healthcare is less expensive elsewhere makes Mexico (and any other countries with cheaper health care) a good place to endure a costly surgical procedure that may or may not be covered by a patient’s insurance.

Just because a surgery is cheaper elsewhere does not mean that the surgeons in that country are any less skilled. Much like America, Mexico is closely monitored so that their standards are upheld so that patients can have surgery in a safe and secure environment. And much like America, not all doctors are highly skilled, but by finding reputable referrals a person can endure Gastric Bypass surgery both successfully and safely in Mexico.

Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY) Procedure:

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