Average Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG – Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

For many people, the cost of weight loss surgery is the most important factor in whether they choose to have it or not. Ultimately, the overall cost of gastric sleeve surgery may vary depending on the location the surgery is being administered.

The Average Price of Gastric Sleeve Surgery has Dropped $1,500 In One Year!

Typically, the price of Gastric sleeve surgery falls in between the costs of the Gastric band and Gastric bypass surgeries. According to the Obesity Coverage, the average cost of a 2013 surgery has dropped to approximately $17,000 and according to Obesity Reporter, the average cost of vertical sleeve gastronomy in 2014 was $15,500. This number reflects what a patient would pay without any insurance coverage. The cost of surgery for an insured patient depends on their coverage and their insurance company. For more information on the specifics, contact your insurance company directly and get an overall cost from them in writing. Obesity Coverage reports that this number is significantly less than what a hospital would actually bill an insurance company, which bides well for the uninsured.

What does price really mean?

Many people believe that if the price of a gastric sleeve surgery is lower, it means the surgeon is less skilled. This is absolutely not true. The price determined can be from either the hospital or the surgeon itself. They may choose a lower price to encourage more people to choose to have the surgery and also make it more available to those who may not be able to afford it at a higher price.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Most of the time, this type of weight loss surgery is not covered by insurance. However for those who are morbidly obese and are having this procedure as a part of a process to have gastric bypass surgery, then it is covered. Surgeons will often book patients for this dual procedure knowing that they lose the required amount of weight with the first procedure (gastric sleeve) so that bypass isn’t required and insurance then covers the first surgery.

Each patient’s overall health is different, so an insurance company may feel that for some patients the gastric sleeve surgery will be beneficial. Never assume anything with insurance coverage. Always contact your insurer and ask questions and get things in writing before proceeding with a procedure especially if you can’t afford to have the surgery without coverage.

Associated Costs with Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

These are a handful of other costs that relate directly to gastric sleeve surgery. Typically follow-up visits with a surgeon are free and a part of the surgery. However, a surgeon may recommend that a patient see a nutritionist, which would be an added cost. If complications should arise after gastric sleeve surgery, the treatment for those things typically are covered by the hospital.

Other relative costs may include a gym membership, nutrition supplements or cosmetic surgery that is sometimes needed in order to remove excess skin from the body after weight loss occurs. Most of these things are optional, however many people who go through the process of gastric sleeve surgery find them imperative to their overall success and a better mindset.

Always take care to research the costs and requirements associated with a major purchase such as gastric sleeve surgery before proceeding. Ask questions that will make your decision easier whether to your surgeon or your insurance company. Before committing to this type of surgery, make sure you understand all the financial responsibilities associated with the procedure before you go under the knife.

Average Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG – Sleeve Gastrectomy)
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