Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

Tijuana, Mexico is one of the leading medical tourism destinations in Mexico. Every year thousands of United States, Canada, Europe (England, Denmark, Romania), and South Africa citizens travel to Tijuana to pursue quality bariatric services. WeightLossSurgeryExperts.com is an industry leader the latest advancements in bariatric services.

Talk to us today to find out why so many are coming across the border to undergo inexpensive weight loss surgery.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico

The medical tourism has been important economic activity in Tijuana especially in Baja California region of Mexico. In countries like the USA, Canada the cost and waiting time are the nastiest thing for the surgical procedures and treatment for chronic diseases. Whereas Tijuana offers the world-class services for the best quality treatments for a lesser price and with no waiting time. This positioned the Tijuana as the undisputed leader in Mexico for medical tourism.

Tijuana medical tourists spend annually more than 3.1 million dollars including dental, medical and pharmaceutical and other related tourism services. Based on Health and tourism authorities of Tijuana calculations more than 350,000 people per month visit Baja California. Among these, 55% of visitors or roughly 192,000, come to Tijuana to buy their drugs or receive health and medical services. Of these 192,000 visitors, seventy percent people come for dental treatment and the rest are divided among the cosmetic, bariatric and optical surgery. Traveling to Tijuana

Tijuana Surgical Facilities

Hospital VIDA

WeightLossSurgeryExperts.com works out of the new Hospital VIDA – a hospital dedicated to bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental and ambulatory services. VIDA Hospital is strategically located to both the US Border and the Hotel.

INT Hospital

WeightLossSurgeryExperts.com, work in one of Tijuana’s top hospitals: INT Hospital. INT Hospital comes equipped with four operating rooms, full ICU, and 20 beds. The hospital is dedicated to medical tourism and nurses are attentive to patients.

View INT Hospital in Tijuana

Hospital Mi Doctor

WeightLossSurgeryExperts.com uses Mi Doctor Hospital in Tijuana exclusively. Mi Doctor Hospital is one of the most trusted hospital facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. Just few blocks from the US – Mexico border, Mi Doctor Hospital is dedicated to bariatric surgery services. It has 3 operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff.

View Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana

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