Do You Have a Support Group for Post Bariatric Life

After having bariatric surgery to help you lose weight, you may notice a number of emotional, physical and lifestyle differences. While most of these changes are great for your overall health, it can be a little hard on you adjusting to the differences. This is one of the reasons many doctors recommend that their patients have enough support after having surgery, including from a support group of like-minded individuals.

What a Support Group Provides You

The support group you attend is attended and led by others who have had some type of weight loss surgery. It is a group of people also facing some of the same emotional and physical issues you may, whether they are major changes in your relationships, or just minor complaints about social situations. Not only do you want support from the group for struggles, but it is also a great way to share your achievements and improve your chances of long-term success.

Why You Need a Support Group

Support groups provide you with a lot when you find a good one. Since it is specific to people who have had bariatric surgery, or are going to have it soon, you are able to share grievances with others who understand what you’re going through. Whether it is talking about lifestyle changes, friendships that have gotten stronger or weaker, or to get support about some emotional baggage you have been carrying around, this is the perfect place for it.

Also, consider the fact that medical professionals are also a part of the group, helping with more medical-related problems and questions. If it is a group for individuals considering weight loss surgery, you can ask them detailed questions in a casual, group atmosphere. There are also counselors in many of the groups to help you with emotional or psychological problems you are having.

Support Before and After Surgery

Support groups are not only needed after having bariatric surgery, but before as well. Before this type of surgery, it helps to have as much information and possible and be sure you are completely prepared for it. You may even find some doctors require the support and counseling before approving you for surgery. It can help you prepare for the things you may face during recovery time, as well as long-term.

It is advised that you begin going to a support group before your surgery, and continue seeing them in the long-term. Even past dealing with some of the issues that come up after surgery, offering your support to others is just as important.

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Do You Have a Support Group for Post Bariatric Life
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