Hospital Mi Doctor


Hospital Mi DoctorHospital Mi Doctor is a full-service hospital in Tijuana, Mexico – located a few blocks from the US/Mexico border. Hospital Mi Doctor has a full ICU (Intensive Care Unit), 3 Fully Equipped Operating Rooms, in-house Endoscopy, in-house Radiology, and in-house Pharmacy.

Hospital Mi Doctor features an in-house pharmacy, elevator, complete laboratory, water purification and 800 numbers to call the United States and Canada.


Hospital Mi DoctorHospital Mi Doctor is a well-respected hospital in Mexico known for medical tourism procedures. Just 20 minutes away from the San Diego Airport, Hospital Mi Doctor has all of the same equipment as US Hospitals:

  • 3-Fully Equipped, State of the Art OR
  • In-House Endoscopy Suite
  • In-House Radiology Department
  • Intensive Care Unite (ICU)
  • and a lot more


I had a wonderful experience there. Very caring staff! The rooms are comfortable, clean and individually climate controlled. Nice washrooms and showers. Each room has a safe for storing your valuables. – Cindy

Awesome experience. I wish I can travel back for ALL medical issues!! Great bedside manor from ALL staff. Very caring and patient. I enjoyed my experience. No pain or complications from day 1. I’m 8 months, almost 9 months on 11/3 and 134lbs down!! – Alicia

I had gastric bypass July 31st from Dr Os una she is Dr Lopez’s wife. Had the surgery at hospital meet doctor everything was great I have lost 96 pounds since July 30th now. Doctor has taken me off high blood pressure and diabetes medications. I recommend gastric bypass by far… Good luck. – Steve

They were great! Received better treatment there than anywhere in California! No complications. Staff were great! Doctors were amazing. Nurses were on top of their duties! – Pola

Weight Loss Surgeries Performed

Hospital Mi Doctor can support the following weight loss surgeries: gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, revision surgeries, sleeve plication and others. Below are some of the most popular surgeries being performed with their expected weight loss:

Gastric Sleeve at Hospital Mi Doctor

Gastric sleeve surgery is often used as a two-step process for losing a large amount of excess weight. If the post-op diet is followed closely as well as exercise, a patient can expect to lose approximately 60% of their excess weight in just one year following their sleeve gastrectomy.

Along with this weight loss, patients have seen major improvements or total remission for several obesity-related conditions (comorbidities) such as obstructive sleep apnea, Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Gastric Bypass at Hospital Mi Doctor

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular types of bariatric surgeries available. Overall results may vary depending on the individual and their overall health as well as how closely they follow the diet and how often they exercise.

Many studies have shown that patients can expect a loss of excess weight between 60%-70% after the first year and about 77% to 83% after two years following their gastric bypass surgery. One particular study shows a 95% improvement in obesity-related comorbidities just one year post gastric bypass surgery.

Duodenal Switch at Hospital Mi Doctor

It’s important to understand that while weight loss is inevitable in weight loss surgery, there is no real guarantee just how much a patient will lose and when they will.

Some factors that may alter overall weight loss include the success of the surgical procedure in general, how much they follow the new diet and what type of exercise they embark on and the lifestyle changes they follow through with. Surgeons report an average weight loss between 70% and 80% of excess weight for each patient in the first year following surgery.