Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

How Much is the Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

For many people, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery may greatly determine whether they proceed with the procedure. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery will depend on the location where the surgery will take place. Also, the cost of Gastric Sleeve will depend on whether or not someone has medical insurance and/or if they are having the surgery as a preventative means.

Generally, gastric sleeve surgery isn’t covered by an insurance company. However, for morbidly obese patients who are having it as a part of a journey to have gastric bypass, it is usually covered. This is known as a duel procedure and surgeons book surgeries this way to help patients with the cost. Ultimately, an insurance company may permit the surgery if they feel the patient has a greater risk of developing more dangerous and costly conditions as a result of their weight.

When choosing weight loss surgery, the cost is often a major factor in whether the surgery is actually administered. Ultimately, the cost of the surgery itself may vary depending on the location.

Typically, the price of Gastric Sleeve falls in between the cost of Gastric Band and Gastric Bypass. Based on a 2013 surgery by Obesity Coverage, the average cost of surgery has dropped to around $17,000. This number is typically what someone will pay without any insurance coverage. Surprisingly, this number is less than that of what a hospital would actually bill an insurance company.

What does the Price Mean?

Many believe that just because a price is lower that means a surgeon is less skilled. Absolutely not. This price is determined by a hospital or maybe even the surgeon. They may choose lower prices to encourage more patients to endure the surgery and also make it more available to a large range of people from all economic backgrounds.

Is it Covered by Insurance?

Most of the time, Gastric Sleeve is not covered by insurance. For those who are morbidly obese however and are having Gastric Sleeve as a part of a process to have gastric bypass, it most often is covered. Oftentimes, surgeons will book patients for this dual procedure knowing they will lose enough weight with the first procedure and not require the bypass, so that insurance will cover their procedure.

Ultimately, it depends on one’s overall health if an insurance company feels that the surgery will benefit you from developing other medical conditions in the future because of your weight.

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs

After surgery, a patient must continuously visit a nutritionist. Follow-up visits their surgeons are typically free. Compared to gastric band or gastric bypass, the amount of follow-up is lower, leading to lower after surgery costs. If any complications occur, typically the treatment will be covered by the hospital if the surgery itself was.

Other Variables of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When choosing to endure weight loss surgery, you are choosing to change your lifestyle and eating right and getting healthier. Some costs to consider are a gym membership, nutrition supplements (needed after surgery and throughout life), new clothes, cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and even more money for food.

Always take great consideration into account when determining if gastric sleeve surgery is for you. Ask questions that make your decision easier. Make sure you understand all the underlying financial responsibilities before choosing to go under the knife.

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Remember that just because one surgeon quotes a price lower then another doesn’t mean they are not as skilled as the other. The price determined for the gastric sleeve is most often decided by a hospital, which may choose lower prices to encourage more people to have the surgery.

After surgery, there are also some costs related to one’s surgery. A patient will need a nutritionist post-op. They will also need regular follow-up visits to their surgeons, which typically are free, but may not be included. Some other costs related to changing one’s lifestyle include and are not limited to a gym membership, various nutrition supplements, new clothes and possibly cosmetic surgery.

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